Ole’ Florence Spiteandgale…

In the words of Florence Nightingale... We are currently in a position where there are so many actions to be taken. Why, you can’t look in any direction in our part of the state and not be knocked breathless with all the actions you could be taking. People need new homes, homes cleaned, homes repaired,… Continue reading Ole’ Florence Spiteandgale…

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September is NC Wine Month!

Did you know that September is North Carlina Wine & Grape Month?  With about 120 wineries and 400 commercial grape growers, NC is also the 10th largest producer of wine and grapes in the nation. While we're home to the nation's first cultivated wine grape, the 400 year old Scuppernong which grew wild on Roanoke… Continue reading September is NC Wine Month!

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Summer Breeze Meal Plan!

In this time of garden abundance, it is hard not to be wildly enthusiastic about the amazing range of food that our little state grows!!  However, the reality is, when you are working and commuting and parenting, those beautiful veggies with a short window of life sometimes present a challenge when trying to retrieve them… Continue reading Summer Breeze Meal Plan!