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Summer Breeze Meal Plan!

In this time of garden abundance, it is hard not to be wildly enthusiastic about the amazing range of food that our little state grows!!  However, the reality is, when you are working and commuting and parenting, those beautiful veggies with a short window of life sometimes present a challenge when trying to retrieve them… Continue reading Summer Breeze Meal Plan!

Locally Made Kefir, Yogurt, Smoothies, and More!

Spent the afternoon yesterday shooting the breeze with this guy, one of the key members of the Production Team at Carolina Farmhouse Dairy in Bahama, NC! He and Cindy sent us back to the island with more of their wonderful kefir, yogurt, smoothies, and milk for us all! #madeinnc #dairyfarm #cows #milk #kefir #yogurt #smoothies… Continue reading Locally Made Kefir, Yogurt, Smoothies, and More!