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Summer Breeze Meal Plan!

In this time of garden abundance, it is hard not to be wildly enthusiastic about the amazing range of food that our little state grows!!  However, the reality is, when you are working and commuting and parenting, those beautiful veggies with a short window of life sometimes present a challenge when trying to retrieve them and form them into a nutritious meal night after night or when company is coming!

EPIC Food Co. - Wilmington, NCWe have partenered with Epic Food Company in Wilmigton, NC to help make this a lot easier!  Now you can indulge in the seasonal bounty with already prepared meals that cater to specific dietary needs and have it delivered to your doorstep should you not feel like braving the beach summer traffic!  All containers are compostable and bio-degradable, but you can often reuse them a few times for lunch leftovers or picnics at the beach!

And it’s so easy!  Just click here:

Summer Breeze Meal Plan Pre-Order

You are also welcome to call the market to add on some additional grocery items such as eggs, kombucha, fresh berries, etc. after you have placed an online order and if you are opting for home delivery.  (Sorry, but ice cream delivery is not available!)

We are so excited to be able to offer this to the community and look forward to expanding the offerings!


the Farm to Island herd!


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