PC: Simply Natrual Creamery
Fresh & New

Fresh Local Milk & Ice Cream!

New at the Market this week!

Milk, ice cream, and butter from a family owned dairy farm and creamery right up the road in Ayden, NC.  At Simply Natural Creamery; we make our own milk, butter and ice cream right on the farm.  Our milk does not have to travel many miles in tanker trucks and stored silos waiting to be processed.  Our milk is processed the same day that it is milked from our cows which results in the freshest milk delivered to your family.

Why Jersey cows?

Jersey Milk is easier to digest for people with lactose intolerance compared to other milks.  Our cows have more A2 Beta-casein.  Jersey Milk is better for you, with 20% higher levels of protein, calcium, and B-12.  It is delicious!

Simply Natual Creamery is exactly that…..Simply Natural.  Our cows live in a NATURAL environment.  They are not confined on concrete all day.  They roam, graze and lounge NATURALLY in our pastures.  They eat NATURAL food, which is all grown right here on our farm.  The NATURAL, higher quality milk that comes from Jersey cows combined with the healthy, NATURAL lifestyle of our cows make SIMPLY NATURAL products have a NATURAL taste that is simply delicious!

Please click here to learn more about Simply Natural Creamery.

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